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Winnipeg Naturopathic Doctor

What is a Naturopathic Physician?
A licensed Naturopathic Physician (ND) is a primary care physician who undergoes a four-year graduate level training after completing 3 years of undergraduate pre-medical studies. Naturopathic Physicians receive a similar training in basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, etc.) as medical doctors do, however the emphasis on therapies include the use of non-toxic natural therapies and a holistic approach to treating disease and ailments. Along with standard medical courses NDs receive four years of training in nutrition, herbal medicine, dietary therapies, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, counseling and physical medicine. After completing training, rigorous professional board exams are completed and local jurisdictional exams will allow a graduate to work as a licensed professional ND in regulated provinces. Regulatory bodies in these provinces regulate complaints, standards of practice and continuing education for NDs.

Naturopathic Philosophy:

The Healing Power of Nature
Naturopathic Physicians work to restore and support the inherent healing mechanisms in the body and mind through the use of natural substances and treatments.

Doctor as Teacher
Patient education and family education creates an environment conducive to healthy living.

First Do No Harm
To minimize the risk of harmful side effects, Naturopathic Physicians use non-invasive remedies and assess for side-effects from current medicines.

Find the Cause
NDs are trained to identify and treat the cause of illness and disease. Each treatment plan is individually designed to meet the patient's specific needs. Laboratory tests, physical assessment, patient symptoms and history guide the Naturopathic Physician to find the cause for ailments and disease.

Treat the Whole Person
The vital force of life energy that flows through all humans can experience interference due to internal or external stressors. Naturopathy re-establishes equilibrium through addressing the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Preventive Medicine
Naturopathy establishes that illness can be prevented by looking at risks and properly assessing and treating patients early before illness occurs. Many natural therapies provide the tools to promote longevity and maintain optimal health.

The art of the naturopathic physician is the ability to incorporate a broad body of scientific and traditional knowledge with the patient's concerns and lifestyle, and assist the body's natural healing processes.

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