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M.G. received 9 daily nutritional IV sessions including IV hydrogen peroxide, high-dose vitamin C and IV amino acid therapy followed by IV phosphatidylcholine sessions.  The neurological symptoms the patient was experiencing went away and his ability to concentrate, focus and get jobs done were dramatically improved. The musculoskeletal symptoms he once experienced were again abated by his treatments, his mood and outlook on life were the most dramatic changes. I include this story because I think that many who are suffering from Lyme Disease may understand what this gentleman went through and to give inspiration that recovery from Lyme Disease is possible:   

"I was bitten by a tick in my garden in May of 2010.  I removed it from my leg and then I noticed a big red circle around the bite. I went to the doctor and she told me I had Lyme Disease.  She put me on antibiotics for two weeks.  The day I was done using those antibiotics I was on crutches because my muscles were weakening.  After a while it got worse so I saw another doctor and he did blood tests three times which never showed up as Lyme Disease.  The lady doing the blood test at the hospital told me this would never show up in Winnipeg as Lyme Disease because our lab testing wasn't good enough. 3 months later, I told the doctor my leg was still hurting where it bit me.  He removed the bite surgically the next day and he sent it to Winnipeg and 4 weeks later he called me at home and told me I had Lyme Disease. He told me that I would get better.

So I waited at home for over a year and things got worse and worse. My muscles were fairly weak and I noticed my legs were "buzzing" so bad.  I was starting to lose feeling in parts of my body and I noticed depression was kicking in. A lot of days I didn't even go for coffee due to tears rolling down my cheeks while traveling down the road. I never had depression before this so I couldn't understand it. I waited for over a year then I went back to see the doctor that removed the sore from my leg and told him that he had said that I would get better.  I said "I'm so bad now that I can't function at all.  I can't go to work." Before this happened I was working and I was 100%. I was as strong as can be and everything was going really well.  But after this happened everything just went down hill, I didn't work for over a year. I told him my legs are still "buzzing" and I said I can't work. "Well," he says "If your legs are still buzzing that means your nerves are shot." I said "Well, I told you this last year already, after I got bit; my legs were buzzing." And my groin muscles were hurting.  He says "I'll just give you some medication for your nerves to see how things go."  So he gave me some medication for my nerves and tells me; "take half a pill a day for a month to see how it goes."

I noticed there was an improvement but after the month was up and the pills were gone I noticed I was going right back down hill, right back to square one where I was before.  That's when I heard in town that Dr. Sean Ceaser did Lyme treatments and that's when I showed up here and every day from that day on has been better.  The second week already I was making big improvements.  I noticed my mind started functioning much better, I could look at a job site and my legs were feeling somewhat better.  From week to week it has been getting better ever since I started here.  Before the IV treatments I couldn't function at any job site, they were all too big.  Any type of work would wear me down in half an hour and now I can work all day.  The numbness in my legs has gone away so that is huge!  I feel I'm still getting stronger from week to week.  My muscles are way stronger, I can feel that they are actually growing.  I can now work 12 hours a day.  Before this treatment if I worked half an hour at home, I was done for the rest of the day.  Without this treatment I'd be done.  The groin muscles were in pain at first with cramping along the inside of my legs.  I told the doctor about that.  He didn't think that was a big thing.  Two different massage therapists told me there's a big problem.  I don't think the doctor had experience with Lyme disease and the other doctor that gave me the treatments for two weeks thought that's all I needed.  Just by talking to her, she had no idea what she was doing either.  If you have no experience with Lyme disease, the doctors say "You'll get better" and I waited over a year and I got worse every day.  

That depression was awful and a lot of days traveling down the road I had tears rolling down my cheeks. That was hard to understand because I never had that before. But to go to any job site and find out that my mind wouldn't accept looking at this big job site.   Every job was too big for my mind.  I've never had a job before where my mind wouldn't accept doing the work. Now, looking back, I can understand my mind wasn't functioning very well, it seemed like my brain was somewhat gone already, it just wouldn't function. Now, I can go to any jobsite and I can finish the whole job without even thinking twice about it.  If your head actually doesn't want to work, what do you do?

Without your help I'd be done. I've heard of quite a few other people they haven't had any treatment and they're already in to lots of trouble. It's never for the better, it's always for the worse. There are none that actually did improve with the other medical centres.  They're trying to function day to day, but I haven't heard of any other patient that has improved like me.  But the others have all just had the treatments from the doctors in Manitoba, which really didn't acknowledge that we had Lyme Disease.  I feel bad for the other people who never got your treatment because they don't have what I have.

With my experience coming here; it works 100%. There is no guesswork. I hardly have words to explain it.  At first I doubted it just like the other medical centres because there was no help there. It's unbelievable that you can actually get treated and helped without any side-effects.  With all the other medications that you get at the other medical centres you always have major side-effects.  I've had no side-effects and every week has been better.

Now I'm off to work every day and I'm building a new house.  I'm on my way now.  Before I felt it was all over. There were no highlights, the happiness was all gone.  That destroys all of your happiness.

I would tell Lyme Disease sufferers that Dr. Ceaser cares for the patients, he's willing to visit with them, understand their problems and from there on he's willing to help them from day-to-day.  Where the other medical centres, they hardly take 5 minutes to even visit with you and then you're out the door. I waited for over a year and there was no getting better.  Where here, I find I can talk to Dr. Ceaser and explain to him what is happening and he's willing to understand and listen how things are functioning.  The greatest thing was there was no side-effects from the treatments and every treatment was 100%. It's worth more than money. I'm very happy."