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Balloon Sinuplasty and Nasal Treatment

Balloon sinuplasty is a new development in endoscopic surgery for people who suffer with acute sinus problems. Where once surgeons used forceps and microdebriders to enlarge the opening to the sinus cavity, now a new procedure permits qualified doctors to use a balloon to inflate the the opening of the sinus.

The procedure is somewhat similar to that of angioplasty, where balloons are used to open clogged blood vessels. The procedure produces less trauma than does surgery and the opening to the sinus cavity is not disturbed.

Most patients report a sensation no more unpleasant than getting water in their nose while swimming in a pool. It is quite common for balloon sinuplasty to provide immediate drainage and long lasting relief from nasal blockage. Recovery time is minimal.

Unfortunately nasal balloon sinuplasty is not a procedure that everyone can use. Considered a viable treatment by alternative medicine as well as naturopathic medicine, it is useful for persons who have suffered from ongoing infections but not for people who have scarring from failed rhinoplasty surgeries or who have nasal polyps which require surgical removal. The goal of nasal sinuplasty is to provide effective treatment for cases of chronic and persistent sinusitis that traditional treatments have not been able to remedy.

Nasal sinuplasty is typically performed under anesthesia. The doctor threads a catheter endoscopically through the patient's nostril and into the cavity of the sinus. The doctor follows the progress of the catheter via x-ray imaging.

Connected to the catheter is a tiny wire, accompanied by a little balloon, which is inflated to enlarge the sinus cavity. This action allows the sinus opening to drain more readily and is often accompanied by an almost instantaneous sensation of relief.

Because it is so minimally invasive and offers such a fast recovery time, nasal dilation via balloon might be exactly what you need. If you've been suffering nasal pressure or pain, congestion and/or a stuffy nose, pain in your upper set of teeth, a low grade fever or bad breath, balloon sinuplasty might just offer the relief you need. Most patients are able to return to school or work on the day of surgery.

To learn more about Bilateral Nasal Specific Treatment and if it's right for you, please contact me.