Over the course of time I have stuck with the naturopathic remedies that have worked for my patients and have abandoned those that haven’t worked. Naturopathy uses natural medicines to treat conditions. I use herbal medicine, nutrition, dietary therapy as well as the specific remedies mentioned below. I find that the naturopathic intravenous therapies to be the most effective therapies for many conditions. I believe their effectiveness may be due to the high dose of the nutrients that are able to be delivered via IV and bypassing the digestive system which allows for those who suffer from malabsorption to receive 100% of the nutrients delivered. IV therapy affects the very cells themselves and supplies nutrition at a sufficient dose to allow repair and proper metabolism. For pain, IV therapies can be used along with powerful PRP, prolotherapy, prolozone, neural prolotherapy or neural therapy. Some patients do well with the gentle manipulation of CranioSacral Therapy or NeuroCranial Restructuring. A powerful therapy for relief of depression and anxiety is SomatoEmotional release which directly treats hidden emotional trauma on a cellular level. You will find below some of the naturopathic therapies that I use at my clinic: